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Dr. Pribil provides all spine surgeries in outpatient ambulatory surgical centers. All with intraoperative monitoring, emg and ssep.

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Artificial Disc Replacement

One of the latest techniques in spine surgery is AD Replacement. During this procedure a herniated or diseased disk is removed and is replaced with an artificial disk. The new disk is made out of titanium or cobalt chrome and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. The average blood loss using minimally invasive technique is about one tablespoon. The advantage of a disk replacement is that it is a more natural operation that allows for preservation of motion. Dr. Pribil has done hundreds of disk replacements and has taught this technique to many other surgeons. Patients can expect to go home about three hours after surgery and can shower by the next morning. They can usually resume driving a week later. Patients are asked to do simple range of motion exercises starting a week after surgery and can expect an improved range of motion by three to six weeks after surgery. Most patients can expect to feel better two to six weeks post surgery.

With this technique patients do not need to wear a hard collar and can use a soft collar for the first week or when driving or riding in a car.

Thoracic Spine Microdiscectomy

Symptoms of thoracic disc herniation vary depending on the position and size of the disc herniation; nerve irritation or nerve injury; and damage to the spinal cord. Symptoms may include mid-back pain; pain around the front of the chest that may mimic heart problems; groin pain or pain, numbness and weakness in the legs and arms. It may even affect bowel and bladder function.

Usually thoracic disc herniation is treated conservatively with rest, back brace, medication and physical therapy. Surgery is considered when long term conservative treatment does not relieve pain or the conditionis rapidly getting worse or is affecting the spinal cord.

The goal of the surgery is to remove all or part of the herniated disc pressing on the nerve root or spinal cord and is called discectomy. Thoracic discectomy can be performed either through the anterior approach (front side) or posterolateral approach (behind and to the side).

Lumbar Decompressions Laminectomy/Microdiscectomy

This advanced minimally invasive surgery has an incision that is less than one inch in size. The specific technique used by Dr. Pribil does not cut across any muscles and minimizes scar tissue formation. The average blood loss is one to two teaspoons and most patients can start showering that evening, and resume driving four to five days later. Return to work can be anywhere from one to four weeks depending on the demands of their occupation. 


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